Intuvo Residual Solvent Analyzer

The Intuvo Residual Solvent Analyzer provides fast, accurate and reproducible analysis of Class 1 and Class 2A/B solvent content in pharmaceutical products.

Preconfigured and factory-tested, these analyzers along with the Agilent 7697A headspace sampler offer rapid cycle time to maximize sample throughput with no carry over.


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  • Quickly meet regulatory guidelines for ICH, USP, and EP for residual volatile organic chemicals in pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC system.
  • Agilent 7697A headspace sampler.
  • Dual FID configuration with single injector split into two columns.
  • Optimized for analysis of USP Class 1A and Class 2A/B solvents.
  • Columns, checkout samples, and analytical method facilitates adaptation to your laboratory's standard procedures.
  • Includes DVD with optimized data system method for the specific analysis, method-specific quick start guide for faster method development, and application-specific factory test results from the specific analyzer.
  • On-site installation and check out of the Analyzer performance by a factory certified technician confirms that your instrument and application meet Agilent’s analytical performance criteria.
  • System familiarization ensures that your team is ready to go so that calibration and validation can immediately follow system installation.
  • Installation includes verification using Class 2A standard, 15 compounds in DMSO.




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