GC/MS SureTarget Water Pollutants Screener

The Agilent GC/MS SureTarget Water Pollutants Screener provides fast data review and reporting of water pollutants as well as screening for unknown compounds. The screener is preconfigured with hardware, supplies, and software, including exclusive access to the MassHunter SureTarget deconvolution workflow. This allows fast implementation of screening methods for confident identification of over 1,000 known water pollutants via our retention time and spectral database, as well as identification of many more unknown pollutants via NIST search.

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  • Chromatographic performance optimized and verified through factory configuration and testing
  • Based on 7890B GC and 5977B MS with Inert Plus source, incorporating innovative GC technologies including retention time locking
  • Database with retention times and spectra for confident, qualitative identification of over 1,000 water pollutants, with free database updates for three years
  • Search other libraries, such as the NIST Library, for the identification of unknown pollutants,
  • SureTarget deconvolution workflow in MassHunter Quantitative Analysis allows you to easily and quickly review samples for > more than 1,000+ compounds and confidently report hits
  • Suite of report templates produce clear, concise reports of identified compounds
  • Includes acquisition and analysis methods and data files, operator manuals, and quick-start guide for faster system start-up
  • On-site installation and check out of the GC/MS Water Pollutants Screener by a factory-certified technician confirm the instrument and the application meet Agilent analytical performance criteria
  • System familiarization ensures that your team is ready to go and can start calibration and validation work immediately following system installation




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