GC/MS Residual Solvent Analyzers

Flexible, pre-configured, and factory-tested Agilent Residual Solvent Analyzers provide quick start-up for accurate and reproducible analysis of Class 1 and Class 2A/B solvent content in pharmaceutical products. With an inert sample path and excellent thermal zone stability, the Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler automates sample handling to provide unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability, combined with analytical precision that exceeds USP method requirements.

Choose from 7890-based GC/FID or GC/FID/MS system configurations designed to meet your specific monitoring requirements.

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  • Configured to meet the requirements for USP <467> including column, consumables, calibration/checkout samples, and analytical method, which facilitates adaptation to your laboratory SOPs
  • GC/MS/FID analysis provides identification and confirmation of organic contaminants in pharmaceutical active ingredients, formulations, and additives
  • Headspace thermal zone stability of ± 0.1 °C, inert flow path, and use of patented capillary flow technology (CFT) provides ≤ 3% for USP Class 1A and Class 2A/B solvents
  • Pre-configured per industry standards and chemically tested ensuring optimal analysis of Class 1 and Class 2A/B solvents in pharmaceutical products
  • Includes CD-ROM with optimized acquisition method for residual solvent analysis, and quick start guide for faster method validation
  • On-site installation and check out by a factory-certified technician confirm that your instrument and application meet Agilent analytical performance criteria




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