GC/MS DRS Semivolatiles Screener

The Agilent GC/MS Semi-Volatiles Analyzer delivers sensitive and reliable analysis of semi-volatile organic contaminants in environmental samples. Based on the 7890 GC and 5977A series single quadrupole mass spectrometer, the analyzer incorporates a multi-mode inlet (MMI) to maximize sensitivity. Capillary flow technology backflush shortens analysis time and reduces maintenance. Preset methodology and deconvolution reporting software (DRS works with the 338-component semi-volatiles DRS library) ensure fast and confident screening per EPA methods 525 and 8270.

The system undergoes a thorough chemical checkout to verify chromatography prior to delivery, which reduces method development time, allowing your analysts to focus on calibration, validation, and the analysis of real-world samples following system installation.

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  • Preconfigured and chemically tested for semi-volatiles analysis to ensure optimal performance of your instrument and application
  • Optimized for semi-volatiles analysis, including GC column and consumables, calibration/checkout samples, and analytical method, to reduce the time spent configuring individual components
  • Integrated Capillary Flow Technology backflush for a more robust analysis with shorter run times and reduced system maintenance
  • Includes CD-ROM with optimized retention time locked acquisition method for sVOC analysis and related data files, 338-compound sVOC target database, application note, and quick-start guide for faster method development
  • On-site installation and check out by a factory-certified technician ensure the instrument and application meet Agilent analytical performance criteria
  • System familiarization ensures that your team is ready to go with calibration and validation immediately following system installation
  • Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions ensure better results, and allow you to process more samples without unplanned maintenance and recalibration




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