GC/MS/MS Dioxins in Food and Feed Analyzer

Built around the 7010 Triple Quadrupole GC/MS and 7890 GC equipped with Multimode Source, the Agilent Dioxins Food and Feed Analyzer provides the sensitivity required for trace dioxin and dioxin-like PCB detection. With up to ten times more sensitivity than competing triple quadrupole GC/MS analyzers, it allows you to observe below EU regulated levels of dioxins for ultimate confidence in your results. The Dioxins analyzer reduces method development time, allowing your analysts to focus on calibration, validation, and the analysis of real-world samples.

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  • Set up and tested with factory-run checkout methods using a custom dioxin analyzer checkout mix
  • Compliant with new European Union Commission Regulations 589/2014 and 709/2014, allowing GC/MS/MS to be used as a confirmatory method for dioxin analysis in animal feed and foodstuffs
  • Customized reporting combines results from dioxin and dioxin-like PCB fractions and automatically performs complex calculations required by the EU regulations
  • Cost effective alternative to high-resolution mass spectrometry systems
  • High-efficiency EI ion source with an instrument detection limit (IDL) ≤ 0.5 fg. An in-house experiment demonstrates an IDL RSD of 6 fg and an iLOQ of 25 fg for 2378-TCDD (standard in solvent)
  • MassHunter Workstation Software delivers complete control from tune to report generation while streamlining your workflow
  • Heated gold quadrupoles, triple-axis HED-EM detector, and fast venting enhance mass spec performance by reducing common contaminants, neutral noise, and cool down time
  • Integrated GC/MS system features and early maintenance feedback (EMF) align and monitor GC/MS operation to maximize uptime and aid with planned maintenance




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