Your challenges have never been greater, whether analyzing contaminants in waste water or purity of drinking water, measuring indoor air quality, responding to natural or man-made disasters, or identifying emerging contaminants. Environmental analysis must be done more reliably, more efficiently, and with even higher quality results than ever before.

Speed. Accuracy. Productivity.

Agilent offers over 40 years of environmental analysis and regulatory expertise. If you are involved in the measurement of organic and inorganic chemicals in water, soil, air, or food supplies, Agilent has the right solution instruments, accessories, consumables, and services designed specifically to meet your needs.

Water Analysis

Ensuring Water Quality Inorganic elemental contamination of water supplies may occur from natural deposits, as well as from industrial, agricultural, and...

Air Monitoring

Monitoring Toxic Air Contaminants To Protect Health Effective air analysis is critical in a variety of applications and environments. Whether for...