Air Monitoring

Monitoring Toxic Air Contaminants To Protect Health

Effective air analysis is critical in a variety of applications and environments. Whether for greenhouse gas monitoring or for maintaining air supply quality in buildings, mines, or other environments, detecting and measuring a wide range of airborne contaminants is a vital, ongoing challenge.

There are numerous health hazards associated with toxic air contaminants as well as significant monitoring difficulties due to the particle size, scarcity and matrix complexity.

As regulations have become more stringent, it is important that analysts can quickly and easily gather uniform samples and execute multiple testing methods to detect an increasing list of harmful substances.

Agilent’s high quality GC/MSD equipment (7890B GC with the 5977 MS portfolio along with the Markes Unity Thermal Desorber) provides a complete air analysis solution to meet these challenges. Our instruments, along with complementary pre-configured analyzers, help your labs perform effective air sampling, desorption, testing and data analysis efficiently, while achieving lower detection limits.

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