GC/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer

Configured with flame ionization (FID) and mass spectrum (MS) detectors, the Agilent GC/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer interfaces with the Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler to provide rapid cycles time with no carryover following a challenge with a 0.40% EtOH concentration sample. FID quantitation and spectral confirmation of alcohol presence provides data you can confidently defend.

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  • Fast, single-column separation with FID and MS detection provides quantitation and spectral confirmation of ethanol concentrations with a single injection
  • Precise temperature control, inert sample pathway ,and sampling at pressures above ambient improve sampling precision and reproducibility
  • Optimized for analysis of BAC including column, consumables, checkout samples, and analytical method facilitates adaptation to your laboratory SOPs
  • Preconfigured per industry standards and chemically tested ensuring optimal performance for the analysis of ethanol concentrations in blood
  • Reproducible split of column effluent into the FID and MSD using capillary flow technology (CFT) provides robust and reliable analysis
  • Customized report includes both quantitation of alcohol concentration and spectral confirmation of alcohol presence
  • On-site installation and check out by a factory-certified technician confirm that your instrument and application meet Agilent analytical performance criteria




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