GC/MS DRS Controlled Substances Screener

Built on the 7890 GC with 5977A MS, the Agilent Controlled Substances Analyzer provides an RTL method for analyzing illegal drug targets. The DRS library contains 460 compounds, including new psychoactive substances, bath salts, and synthetic cannabinoids. DRS automatically differentiates target analytes from matrix, providing accurate identification of controlled substances, thereby reducing manual data analysis requirements.

Each system is preconfigured and factory tested, with field confirmation of performance at installation, allowing your team to focus on real-world analysis.

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  • Preconfigured and chemically tested for the analysis of evidence samples to ensure optimal performance and confident identificaiton of controlled substances
  • New DRS library contains 460 controlled substances, including new psychoactive substances, bath salts, and synthetic cannabinoids
  • Improved productivity through rapid cycle time (13.5 min) and the use of DRS for automated identification of analytical targets from background, even in complex matrices
  • Optimized for controlled substances analysis, including GC column, consumables, checkout samples, and analytical method
  • On-site installation and verification of system performance by a factory-certified technician confirm that your analyzer meets Agilent method and performance criteria
  • System familiarization ensures that your team is ready to go with calibration and validation per your SOP immediately following system installation
  • Inert Flow Path provides improved performance for sensitive analytes at low levels, extending the range of quantitation and detection




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