CO-CO2 Analyzers

CO-CO2 Analyzers can be used for the analysis of permanent gases. Select from standard or custom analyzer configurations to find a system to address your specific analytical requirements. Control manufacturing processes, and impact the quality and commercial value of end products.


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  • Pre-configured and chemically tested ensures optimal performance for parts per billion to percent level permanent gas analysis in hydrocarbon gases.
  • Includes column, consumables, calibration/checkout samples, and analytical method to reduce the start-up time and verification of chromatographic performance.
  • Includes DVD with optimized retention time locked acquisition method for the specific analysis, application note and quick start guide for faster method development.
  • On-site installation and check out of the Analyzer performance by a factory certified technician confirms that your instrument and application meet Agilent’s analytical performance criteria.
  • System familiarization ensures that your team is 'ready to go' with calibration and validation immediately following system installation.




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