LTM Series II Rapid Heating/Cooling for 7890/8890 GC

The Agilent LTM (Low Thermal Mass) Series II gives fast results on large numbers of samples common in petrochemical, food testing, and pharmaceutical QC labs.

The technology uses fused silica capillary column with direct heating. The column is heated and cooled very efficiently for significantly shorter analytical cycle times compared to conventional GC oven.


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  • Significantly faster analytical cycle times compared to conventional air bath GC ovens
  • Works seamlessly with the same 7890/8890 GC injectors and detectors - no need to change your existing methods
  • Use same 7890/8890 GC injectors and detectors with little change to your existing methods.
  • Agilent Method Translation Software offers easy method changes for faster chromatography
  • Retention time repeatability comparable to conventional 7890/8890 GC
  • Run two LTM column modules simultaneously with different temperature programs
  • Works with Agilent Capillary Flow Technology to provide significant new capabilities in multi-dimensional gas chromatography including comprehensive GC x GC
  • Full integration/control by 7890/8890 GC and Agilent Chemical Data Systems
  • Designed to ease installation procedures
  • Features Constant Flow Mode operation
  • Offers a wide range of LTM Series II parameters with 7890/8890 user interface
  • Compatible with 7890/8890 GC only




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