1290 Infinity II Autoscale Preparative LC System

The 1290 Infinity II Autoscale Preparative LC System is a scalable, workflow-based solution that facilitates automated scale-up from analytical method scouting to optimized purification.

Agilent automated purification software enables automated transfer of purification methodologies from analytical to preparative-scale purification. Focused gradients are calculated on-the-fly for each target compound, ensuring highest purity and recovery of all collected fractions.


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  • Autoscale Preparative LC System with fully automated combined sample injection fraction collection enables scale-up from analytical to preparative chromatography on one single system to maximize your capacity to increase your daily throughput, and maximize purity
  • Support of automated workflows through import and export of sample sequences while focusing solely on your target compounds to minimize re-analysis time and reformulation of collected fractions
  • Highly reliable and robust LC system improves your ability to manage ever-increasing workload demand
  • Easy-to-change pump heads provide dynamic flow range up to 200 mL/min at maximum 600 bar for versatile application within a wide range of preparative workflows
  • Control and organization of valves: five multipurpose slots provide enhanced organization of valves, fraction delay coils, and Agilent 1290 Infinity II MS Flow Modulator for a significant increase in productivity
  • Integration of all standard collection modes and compatibility with multiple trigger sources provides compatibility to existing purification methods
  • Lowest delay volume to minimize peak dispersion and carry-over for the highest sample recovery and purity
  • Clean software infrastructure through Agilent OpenLab CDS ChemStation for familiar and reliable operation
  • Automated purification software opens the door to workflow automation to scale-up from analytical to preparative conditions based on scientific algorithms - eliminates the need for time-consuming method development to improve daily purification cycles


Biocompatible No
Bioinert No
Column Capacity 10
Column ID Reader Option No
Depth 622 mm
Flow Range 1-200 mL/min
Injection Range 5–15700 µL
Intelligent System Emulation Technology No
Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Maximum Number of Fractions 432
Maximum Number of Solvents 4
Pump Type Binary
Special Features Delay Sensor Automated Delay Volume Calibration Analytical-to-preparative work
System Pressure Operating Range 20-600 bar
Width 989 mm



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