1290 Infinity II 2D-LC System

If you want to solve complex separations, analyze complex samples, or simplify complex workflows, Agilent InfinityLab 2D-LC Solutions help you separate co-eluting compounds and achieve highest peak capacity. Increase resolution where you need it with heart-cutting and high-resolution sampling or comprehensive 2D-LC for complex mixtures. Use 2D-LC for making buffer separations compatible to MS detection.

Analyze samples qualitatively or quantitatively with the performance, reproducibility, and robustness of Agilent 1290 Infinity II Systems. Easy-to-use software enables fast method setup and refined data analysis. Dozens of application notes and 2D-LC training sessions support you in getting the full 2D experience.

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  • From separation of a few co-eluting compounds to mixtures of highest complexity - Agilent 2D-LC Solutions allow you to do 2D-LC your way, choosing from 2D-LC modes (multiple) heart-cutting with high-resolution sampling and comprehensive 2D-LC
  • Separate thousands of compounds with a single measurement
  • Set up measurements easily with powerful Agilent 2D-LC software. Start with your 1D measurement, choose spots where you want to increase resolution, draw your second dimension gradient, and go
  • Get all the information you need from your sample from qualitative results, including spectral data up to reproducible quantitative results
  • Use 1290 Infinity II Systems and dedicated 2D-LC valve technology for UHPLC performance, fast gradients, high sensitivity, and excellent robustness
  • Combine first and second dimension solvents and gradients as you like using Agilent Active Solvent Modulation Technology
  • Upgrade your 1D Agilent LC system easily to the second dimension for better resolution
  • Start working with 2D-LC today using application notes in many areas such as pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, fuels, food, and many others
  • Get dedicated 2D-LC training and services for highest productivity in your lab
  • Replace multiple one-dimensional separations by one two-dimensional separation for better results in less time




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