1290 Infinity II GPC/SEC System

The 1290 Infinity II GPC/SEC System is a complete GPC/SEC analysis solution that is capable of both analytical- or microscale operation. The low-volume refractive index detector enables microscale operation, which offers several key benefits, including shorter run times for higher sample throughput, ultralow dispersion for improved resolution, and lower solvent usage and waste disposal in order to reduce costs.

Coupling with the Openlab GPC software enables archiving of all data together in a single CFR compliant environment.


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  • Microscale operation - run times can be reduced by as much as 70%
  • Improved resolution - impurities or oligomers can be detected, which are often missed when using conventional GPC
  • Excellent reproducibility for consistent results
  • Minimized column diameter means solvent savings up to 80% for reduced cost of analysis
  • High-pore-volume columns with small-diameter particles reduce analysis time while improving resolution
  • Multipore columns enable linear column calibration - preventing dislocations and distorted peak shapes
  • Analytical- and microscale operation - excellent agreement between molecular weight results proves suitability to run both modes on the same system




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