2D-LC Software

As a part of Agilent InfinityLab 2D-LC Solutions, this software allows you to run 2D-LC measurements for heart-cutting including high-resolution sampling or comprehensive 2D-LC. 2D-LC helps you increase resolution for coeluting compounds, or complex samples or sample matrices.

This software makes 2D-LC easy to use: start with your 1D separation and increase resolution by choosing spots of interest for increased resolution or by re-analyzing your complete sample with different separation conditions in a single run. Analyze multidimensional data qualitatively or quantitatively – easily yet powerfully. Use 2D-LC/MS data for the most extensive information about your samples.

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  • Set up 2D-LC methods with a few mouse clicks using a graphical 2D-LC preview. Optionally start with a previously acquired 1D chromatogram, select spots or ranges of interest, and draw a 2D gradient
  • Analyze 2D-LC data by simple navigation through first- and linked second-dimension chromatograms. Get all the information you need from your sample as qualitative results including spectral data or reproducible quantitative results
  • Agilent 2D-LC instrument control is fully automated and eliminates the need for tedious manual valve programming. Separation in the first and second dimension are completely independent by using Agilent multiple heart-cutting valves for highest storage capacity and fast and parallel analysis
  • Shifted gradients, which can be edited graphically or numerically, maximize the available 2D separation space for highest peak capacity and fastest analysis
  • Use time-based peak parking for known samples and peak-based parking for unknown samples or in case of variable first dimension retention times
  • Use dedicated flush gradients for fast analysis and minimum carryover
  • Use Agilent active solvent modulation in your methods for improving to improve second dimension resolution and sensitivity by diluting strong first dimension solvents
  • Report your two-dimensional data
  • Get GC Image LC x LC Edition Software for UV and single quadrupole or (Q-)TOF and QQQ detection from Agilent. Visualize your 2D data and use highly sophisticated data analysis for comprehensive 2D-LC data including qualitative and quantitative results and statistical analysis
  • Get dedicated 2D-LC software training and services for highest productivity in your lab




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