1220 Infinity II Analytical-Scale LC Purification System

The 1220 Infinity II Analytical-Scale Purification System is an affordable, entry level, high-quality system based on proven technology. Four integrated, all-in-one configurations are available to get you on the fast track to efficiency and maximum return-on-investment.

Proven quality and performance you expect from the industry leader. You can choose from four integrated, ‘all-in-one’ configurations and various upgrade paths to allow you to increase instrument efficiency.


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  • Single stack analytical-scale purification LC system offers purification on with the smallest footprint to reduce bench space
  • Highly reliable and robust LC system improves your ability to manage ever-increasing workload demand
  • Dynamic flow range up to 5 mL/min at maximum 420 bar allows versatile application within a wide range of analytical-scale purification workflows
  • Future-proof investment through upgrade with additional modules such as Infinity II refractive index, fluorescence, or evaporative light scattering detectors, or single quadrupole LC/MSD
  • Low-dispersion fraction collection for precise isolation of compounds of interest from your analytical run
  • Collection of up to 4 x 96 fractions in microtiter plates, or up to 216 fractions in glass tubes with 4 outer diameters of tubes available collector
  • Integrated and automated fraction delay sensor technology for increased purity and recovery of collected fractions
  • Upgradeable fraction capacity based on your demand: improved lab efficiency through orthogonal analytical information only available from isolated compounds
  • Clean software infrastructure through Agilent OpenLab CDS ChemStation for familiar and reliable operation
  • Integrated leak sensor in each module shuts down the whole system providing additional safety when detecting a leak


Biocompatible No
Bioinert No
Column Capacity 1
Column ID Reader Option No
Flow Range 0.2-10 mL/min
Injection Range 0.1-100 µL
Intelligent System Emulation Technology No
Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Maximum Number of Fractions 384
Maximum Number of Solvents 4 (with SSV)
Maximum Number of Temperature Zones 1 (with column oven)
Pump Type Quaternary
Special Features Delay Sensor Automated Delay Volume Calibration
Width 915 mm



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