1290 Infinity II HDR-DAD Impurity Analyzer System

The 1290 Infinity II HDR-DAD Impurity Analyzer System has a 30 times higher dynamic range, 30 times higher UV sensitivity, plus UHPLC resolution and speed. Detect and quantify every component in your sample in a single run with superior area precision for low-level impurities.

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  • Reduce turnaround times and boost productivity. With the 30x wider linear UV-range of the 1290 Infinity II High Dynamic Range DAD System, the detector response from your sample will fit within your calibration range. No need for reanalysis, recalibration, or additional sample preparation steps
  • Gain up to 30 times higher sensitivity for simultaneous analysis and quantification of main compounds and impurities. Gain more confidence in automated peak integration and achieve higher area precision for trace level components
  • Higher resolution and speed. Extended power range that combines high pressure up to 1300 bar (1290 Infinity II LC) and high analytical flow rates up to 5 mL/min for maximum chromatographic performance
  • Never miss a UV-active compound by monitoring the complete wavelength range simultaneously
  • Don’t miss any compound through combination with other detection options such as the 6100 Series single quadrupole LC/MS systems or 1290 Infinity II Evaporative Light Scattering Detector with 90x wider dynamic range
  • Keep pace with fastest analysis speeds. Data rates up to 240 Hz with 1290 Infinity II DAD or 120 Hz with the 1290 Infinity II DAD FS




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