1290 Infinity II Method Development System

The 1290 Infinity II Method Development System is a high-performance UHPLC method development instrument that provides maximum flexibility and performance to solve even the most complex method development challenges. Use this advanced method development system to screen over 1300 different sets of LC separation conditions automatically in a single campaign at pressures up to 1300 bar with up to 26 different mobile phases and up to 8 columns.

Use Agilent intelligent system emulation technology (ISET) to emulate other LC systems for straightforward and seamless transfer of your optimized method to various target instruments, even those of other instrument manufacturers.

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  • UHPLC efficiency for method development, with pressures up to 1300 bar based on Agilent Infinity II technology
  • Automated switching between a huge variety of different screening parameters
  • Clustering of up to four 1290 Infinity II Multicolumn Thermostats to expand your number of automatically selectable columns to 32 (8 per MCT) - solve the most challenging method development tasks
  • Develop methods for legacy LC systems of various manufacturers by combining your method development system with intelligent system emulation technology (ISET) for on-the-fly target system emulation during method development
  • Track column use with InfinityLab column ID tags and automatically exclude columns that are incompatible with your selected method, for example, due to temperature stability
  • Get a complete one-vendor solution, including software - use the Agilent Method Scouting Wizard to automatically set up screening campaigns that are optimized for solvent and time consumption, and filter results to identify optimum separation conditions
  • Rely on QbD workflows - fully compatible with third-party software ACD Autochrom (ACD/Labs), ChromSword Auto (ChromSword), and Fusion QbD (S-Matrix)




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