1260 Infinity II High-Temperature GPC System

The 1260 Infinity II High-Temperature GPC System can provide information about all of today’s engineering polymers such as polyolefins, which are one of the most popular polymers with numerous applications. This level of detail helps with development and to predict how a given batch will process and perform in the final product.

Traditionally challenging materials such as polyethylene and polyamides can be analyzed routinely regardless of detection technique. High-temperature light scattering, viscometry, and concentration detectors (RID and HTELSD) all deliver a wealth of information, whatever your polymer of interest.

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  • Characterize polyolefins and other polymers that require high temperatures for dissolution up to as high as 220 °C
  • Complete sample solubility - no precipitation and all sample-carrying components are carefully thermostatted at the selected operating temperature
  • Agilent PL-SP 260VS Sample Preparation System provides effective filtration (using glass-fiber or stainless-steel membranes), which can be used to remove any insoluble gels, which may block the GPC column. Samples are dispensed through a uniquely designed pipettor to minimize sample handling




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