1260 Infinity II Method Development System

The 1260 Infinity II Method Development System provides robust and reliable technology for everyday automated HPLC method development challenges. An increased performance and flexibility are provided by the 1260 Infinity II Prime LC instrumentation. Make use of this method development instrument to screen more than 100 different sets of LC separation conditions without the need for manual interaction. Automatically access 15 different mobile phases and 4 columns with 2 independent temperature zones.

With the 1260 Infinity II Flexible pump, the use of intelligent system emulation technology (ISET) is enabled and allows emulation of other selected LC systems for straightforward and seamless transfer of your optimized methods.


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  • Well-balanced performance for method development challenges - reliable instrument technology and pressure up to 800 bar using the 1260 Infinity II Flexible Pump
  • Automated switching between up to 4 different columns and typically 15 mobile phases to determine the optimal combination between selectivity, resolution, and speed
  • Increased performance and flexibility with the 1260 Infinity II Prime LC - pressure up to 800 bar and on-the-fly target system emulation with intelligent system emulation technology (ISET)
  • Get a complete one-vendor solution by combining it with the Agilent Method Scouting Wizard for automated and time-saving set-up of screening campaigns - find optimum separation conditions even faster
  • Fully compatible with ChromSwordAuto (ChromSword) and Fusion QbD (S-Matrix) for advanced QbD workflows (third-party software)




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