Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr

The Agilent 2000 L/s turbo pump, Turbo-V 2300, offers the highest pumping speeds in its category for Nitrogen (N2). Utilizing leading-edge Twistorr technology, this large turbo pump achieves the highest compression ratios for light gases among commercially available turbomolecular pumps. Due to high foreline pressure tolerance, the pump can be backed by a smaller, cost-effective dry scroll pump like the Agilent TriScroll600.

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  • The Turbo-V 2300 solution comprises a stand-alone pump and rack-type display controller unit
  • Advanced rotor design in combination with TwisTorr technology reduces the number of pumping stage
  • Our unique monolithic rotor reduces material stress and improves assembly tolerances
  • Electrical motor reduces start-up time and improves pump stability under changing gas load conditions
  • Higher vacuum performance with lower heat dissipation
  • Advanced water cooling system
  • Optimized air cooling system
  • Clean maintenance-free vacuum
  • Utilizes Agilent's A-PLUS software (formerly T-plus)
  • Typical Turbo Pump Applications


Pumping speed for N2 (*) N2: 2050 l/s
Pumping speed for He (*) N2: 1800 l/s
Pumping speed for H2 (*) 1500 l/s
Compression ratio for N2 > 8 x 108
Compression ratio for He 8 x 105
Compression ratio for H2 4 x 104
Base pressure* (with recommended forepump) 10-10 mbar (7.5 x 10-11 Torr) (**)
Max foreline pressure for N2 4 mbar
Inlet Flange ISO 250F, CFF 12” O.D.
Foreline flange KF 40 NW
Nominal rotational speed 33300 rpm
Start-up time without gas load and with the recommended forepump < 6 minutes
Pumping speed for H2 (*) 1500 l/s
Minimum recommended forepump TriScroll 600
Operational position Vertical/Upside down
Operating ambient temperature +5 °C to +35 °C
Bakeout temperature 120 °C (CFF), 80 °C (ISO)
Max rotor temperature 120 °C
Vibration level (displacement) < 0.01 μm at inlet flange
Lubricant Permanent lubrication
Cooling requirements Water
Coolant water Recommended flow: 200 l/h Temperature: +15 °C to +30 °C Pressure: 3 to 5 bar (45 to 75 psi)
Noise level <60 dB(A) at 1 meter
Storage temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Environment protection IP54
Weight ISO 250: 54.2 kg (119.5 lbs) CFF 12”: 55.3 kg (121.9 lbs)



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