TwisTorr 84 FS-AG rack controller

The TwisTorr 84 FS-AG rack controller is a microprocessor controlled frequency converter with enhanced features that allow greater control and communication capabilities. This compact, ¼ rack turbo pump control unit is designed for full worldwide compatibility, vent valve control, active gauge pressure reading, and pump operation parameters control. It includes self-diagnostic and protection features.


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  • Universal voltage – the controller is able to auto set according to the input voltage, providing flexibility for easy installation worldwide
  • RS-232/485 communication protocols and Profibus (options)
  • Allows the pump to interact the system controls
  • Enables the pump to be operated via PC with A-PLUS software
  • Helps development of own customer software
  • Stop Speed Reading (SSR)
  • Continues pump speed reading after the stop command
  • Allows observation of the pump in slow down ramp and shut down time
  • N.O. and N.C. Vent Valve Drive
  • Valve delay and opening time adjustable
  • Vent valve driven by controller automatically or by serial line
  • Opening time control through SSR function


Input voltages 100 ÷ 240 Vac
  50/60 Hz
Maximum input power 210 VA
Output voltages 76 Vac
Output frequency 1350 Hz
Nominal output power 100 W
Operating temperature +5 ÷ +45 °C
Storage temperature -20°C ÷ +70°C



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