Turbo-V 1K-G

The Agilent high throughput turbomolecular pump, Turbo-V 1K-G, is a dedicated vacuum pumping system, designed specifically as a turbo pump for thin film deposition equipment. Its pumping stages, and the entire pump structure, are optimized to work with very high flow   s of Argon under high temperature load.

This robust turbo pump is suitable for harsh manufacturing environments because of its rugged design. Typical industrial vacuum coating applications include physical vapor deposition (PVD), solar and flat panel display manufacturing.

The pump’s robust design and its advanced electronics, rack type or onboard solution, make the Agilent Turbo-V 1K-G the optimum pumping solution for the vacuum coating industry.

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  • Application-specific pumping solution designed for thin film deposition equipment
  • High Pumping speed and high gas throughput
  • Rugged design and highly efficient cooling system for continuous operation
  • Gas Purge for bearing protection
  • Rack type of Navigator on board controllers
  • Versatile electronics interface with easy-to-use control Software
  • Analog I/O signals and RS232 / RS485 interface as standard Agilent Profibus interface as option
  • Typical Turbo Pump Applications


Pumping speed:
ISO 160: Ar: 750 l/s N2: 810 l/s He: 950 l/s/ H2: 680 l/s
ISO 200: Ar: 1,040 l/s N2: 1,080 l/s He: 1,150 l/s H2: 730 l/s
Compression ratio: Ar: 5 x 108 N2: 5 x 107 He: 4 x 104 H2 1.5 x 104
Base pressure* (with recommended forepump) <1 x 10-10 mbar
Inlet flange ISO 160F, ISO 200F
Foreline flange KF 25 NW
ISO 160: KF 40 NW
ISO 200:
Nominal rotational speed 45,500 rpm
Start-up time <5 minutes
Minimum recommended forepump > 20 m3/h (TriScroll 600, DS 602)
Operating position Any
Operating ambient temperature +5 °C to +35 °C
Bakeout temperature 80 °C at inlet flange max. (ISO flange)
Vibration level (displacement) <0.01 μm at inlet flange
Cooling requirements Water
Power supply < Input freq.: 50 – 60 Hz Max input power: 600 VA Stand-by power: 30 to 35 W
Input voltage: 100-240 Vac 400 W using Nitrogen and lighter gases (water cooling setting)
Max operating power: 260 W using Argon (air cooling setting)
Protection fuse (Navigator controller) 1 x 6.3 A
Serial communication (Navigator Kit) RS232 cable with a 9-pin D type male connector and a 9-pin D type female connector, and Navigator software (optional)
Storage temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Weight 26.8 kg (59.1 lbs)



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