TSP Cartridge

The titanium sublimation pump (TSP) cartridge is an effective way to pump all getterable gases in UHV/XHV systems. The TSP can be added to the inside of the ion pump or as a separate pumping unit. Use with the liquid cooled cryopanel enables lower temperatures that further improve pumping speed for intermediate gases.

Filament-type TSP sources are most popular with UHV systems since they can be turned off between sublimations and thus do not add thermally induced outgassing. The ball-type sources contain larger amounts of titanium, which means longer life when operated under conditions that use more titanium, such as higher operating pressures.

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  • Provided on 2.75² ConFlat flange
  • Bakeable to 400 °C
  • Operating pressure range is 1.0–4 to 1.0–12 mbar
  • Filament artridge contains three titanium-molybdenum filaments, each with 1.1 g of usable titanium
  • Replacement filament package includes 12 filaments, enough for 4 replacements
  • Mini Ti-ball source provides 15.2 g of usable titanium for extended operational lifetime
  • Maximum Ti-ball sublimation is achieved at 300 watts of source power, while the standby power requirement is 100 watts to prevent cracking while not in use




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