Ion CombiNEG 150-1000/2000 Pump

The Agilent Ion CombiNEG 150-1000 and 150-2000 pumps integrate high-capacity D1000 or D2000 non-evaporable getter cartridges inside the 150 L/s VacIon pump. The StarCell or diode ion pump provides high pumping speed for argon and other residual noble gases, while the NEG cartridge provides high pumping speed for getterable gases, offering a unique advantage of simultaneously handling high amounts of noble gases, hydrogen, and other getterable gases. An inner protective shield maximizes NEG operating life.

Versatile and compact, Ion CombiNEG 150-100/2000 pumps are meant for demanding applications where extra pumping speed is required at ultrahigh and extreme high vacuum.

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  • StarCell or diode ion pump elements offer excellent pumping speeds for noble gases, and the NEG cartridge has a high pumping speed for reactive gases, resulting in a high combined pumping speed for faster UHV/XHV pumpdown times
  • Sintered NEG cartridge, in a very compact design, provides a superior solution to lower-quality powder-pressed NEG cartridges, eliminating the risk of releasing powder into your system
  • Available with ConFlat 6² non-rotatable inlet flange and additional ConFlat 6² side port for the NEG cartridges
  • Choice of feedthroughs in different orientations for maximum flexibility
  • No moving parts ensures vibration-free operation for sensitive applications
  • Low leakage current provides stable vacuum pressure reading
  • Low magnetic field minimizes system interference
  • Vacuum processed at >400 °C and pinched off under vacuum to ensure cleanliness and vacuum integrity prior to installation


Element Type
  • StarCell
Feedthrough Style
  • Fischer
Heater Power
  • 480 W
Heater Voltage
  • 100-120/200-240 V
Inlet Flange
  • 6 inch CFF (NW100)
Maximum Baking Temperature
  • 350 °C
Maximum Starting Pressure
  • ≤5 x 10-2 mbar
Operating Life
  • 80,000 hours
Ultimate Pressure
  • < 1 x 10-11 mbar
Weight (pump only)
  • 43 kg
  • 94 lbs



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