VacIon 10 L/s Pump

Agilent VacIon 10 L/s pumps feature a noble gas optimized diode or noble diode configuration with a high efficiency for residual gases such as hydrogen. These pumps are commonly used in applications where the added pumping speed and ability to handle noble gas loads are important, but a compact size is still critical due to limited installation space.

Commonly used in academic and lab research environments, these small ion pumps offer a particle- and vibration-free solution for a wide range of UHV and XHV applications.

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  • 10 L/s pump commonly used to maintain ultrahigh vacuum on sealed devices
  • Optimized for noble gases and residual gases such as hydrogen, with excellent UHV performance
  • Available with ConFlat 2.75 rotatable flange
  • Low leakage current provides stable vacuum pressure reading
  • Customizable with different high-voltage feedthroughs, body geometries, and pumping cell arrangements to meet your needs
  • Low magnetic field minimizes system interference
  • Vacuum processed at >400 °C and and pinched off under vacuum to ensure cleanliness and vacuum integrity prior to installation
  • Special testing procedures for your specific requirements can be added
  • Pump magnet assembly package is to be ordered separately


Element Type
  • Diode
Feedthrough Style
  • Varian Diode
Inlet Flange
  • 2 ¾ inch CFF (NW 35)
Maximum Baking Temperature
  • 350 °C
Maximum Starting Pressure
  • ≤1 x 10-4 mbar
Operating Life
  • 40,000 hours
Ultimate Pressure
  • < 1 x 10-11 mbar
Weight (pump only)



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