NEG Cartridges

The SAES GETTERS D400-2, D1000, and D2000 non-evaporable getter cartridges are made of sintered St 172 (Zr-V-Fe) material that outperforms lower-quality pressed-powder NEG cartridges. They can achieve high pumping speed in a very compact configuration. Each getter cartridge has a built-in heater that directly connects to the flange power feedthrough. A bakeable connector provides an easy and fast connection to the power supply for activation and monitoring purposes.

SAES GETTERS NEG cartridges deliver the best pumping speed for all gases when mounted directly inside StarCell VacIon pumps.

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  • SAES sintered cartridges provide high pumping speed for reactive gases for fast UHV/XHV pumpdown
  • Mount directly to your chamber for maximum pumping speed, or add to the side port of your ion pump
  • Optical shielded baffle shields against sputtered titanium to improve cartridge lifetime
  • Built-in heater ensures easy cartridge activation




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