Controllers for NEG Cartridges

SAES NEG Controllers are designed to provide the specific power and heating requirements required for activation of NEG Cartridges. Activation parameters are tunable and when cartridges are equipped with a thermocouple the temperature can be actively monitored on the controller. Controllers can be operated by I/O interface or remotely through Ethernet or RS232 interfaces (RS232/RS485 on the D-1000/2000 controller). A USB port is provided for easy data logging and also acts as the interlock.

Use NEG cartridges alone or in an ion pump to achieve and maintain ultrahigh and extreme high vacuum pressures. The single-channel SAES GETTERS NEG Power MINI controller is designed for the low-power requirements of the SAES D400 NEG cartridge, while the larger NEG Power Controller provides the required power for the D1000 or D2000 NEG cartridges.

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  • Activates NEG cartridge with adjustable starting temperature
  • Selectable voltage for NEG activation and conditioning
  • Adjustable output voltage, ramp time and power off time
  • Monitors cartridge temperature from NEG cartridge
  • NEG Power Mini has local I/O interface or remote RS232 or Ethernet operation
  • NEG Controller has touchscreen display with local I/O interface or remote RS232/RS485 or Ethernet operation
  • Shipped without a power cord, to be ordered separately




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