VacIon Plus 500 Combination Pump

The CombiTSP 500 integrates the VacIon 500 L/s pump, TSP cartridge, and TSP cryopanel to increase pumping speed in the same footprint. The gettering properties of the TSP cartridge deliver faster pump down to ultra high and extreme high vacuum (UHV/XHV) enabling lower ultimate base pressure. The cryopanel further improves pumping efficiency for getterable gases. The StarCell element provides the highest speed and capacity for methane, argon, and helium.

Ideal for particle physics and other low-pressure based research such as surface science, nanotechnology, materials science, these pumps are customizable with different high-voltage feedthroughs, body geometries, and pumping elements to meet your needs.

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  • This Ion-TSP combination pump is a VacIon Plus 500 with an extra side- or bottom-mounted 8² ConFlat port
  • Select from StarCell, diode, or noble diode elements for the best noble gas (UHV/XHV) pumping speed
  • Available with ConFlat 8² non-rotatable inlet flange and additional 8² ConFlat port in double-ended or side port configuration
  • The cryopanel is mounted on an 8² OD ConFlat flange and includes a 2.75² ConFlat flange for TSP source mounting
  • The TSP cartridge is included but not installed inside the pump
  • The cryopanel provides a larger surface area for sublimated titanium from TSP and shields vacuum system from unwanted coating
  • The cryopanel increases the efficiency of the gettering process when cooled with liquid nitrogen and increases the water pumping speed. Can also operate with water cooling, or uncooled when used at UHV/XHV.
  • Available with 120 Vac or 230 Vac heaters installed and a choice of feedthroughs (Fischer, King, DESY, Varian, SHV 10kV (Safeconn))
  • Cables and controllers are available separately


Element Type
  • StarCell
  • Noble Diode
  • Diode
Feedthrough Style
  • Fischer
  • SHV
Heater Power
  • 780 W
Heater Voltage
  • 100-120/200-240 V
Inlet Flange
  • 8 inch CFF (NW 150)
Maximum Baking Temperature
  • 350 °C
Maximum Starting Pressure
  • ≤5 x 10-2 mbar
Operating Life
  • 80,000 hours
Ultimate Pressure
  • < 1 x 10-11 mbar



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