Combination VacIon Plus Pumps/Titanium Sublimation Pumps

The VacIon Plus Combination Pumps integrate titanium sublimation pumping to achieve ultra-high vacuum. The Titanium Sublimation Pump (TSP) creates extra high pumping speed for getterable gases while the ion pump handles the non-getterable gases such as argon and methane. The TSP can be added to the ion pump, or used as a separate pumping unit.

Combination Pump configurations are available for the VacIon Plus 150, 300, or 500, and include the cylindrical cryopanel, an extra side or bottom-mounted 8 inch ConFlat flanged port, and a TSP source mounted to the extra port providing extra high water pumping speed.

Agilent offers two types of titanium sublimation pumps: filament and titanium ball sources. Filament-type TSP sources can be turned off between sublimations and thereby avoid thermally-induced outgassing. The ball-type sources contain larger amounts of titanium for longer life when operated under conditions that use more titanium, such as higher operating pressures.

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  • Getterable gases enter the end of the cylindrical cryopanel and combine with the freshly-deposited titanium.
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling the cryopanel increases the efficiency of the gettering process and adds greatly to the water pumping speed.
  • The cryopanel may be mounted on the bottom of the pump or the side, providing flexibility when height restrictions are present.
  • Customized pump configurations are also available.


Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSPs) Features
TSP Cartridge The popular TSP cartridge is provided on a 2 ¾” OD ConFlat flange and contains three titanium-molybdenum filaments, each with 1.1 grams of usable titanium. The cartridge assembly is bakeable to 400 °C. Maximum sublimation is achieved at 300 watts of source power.
Mini Ti-Ball The Mini Ti-Ball source provides 15.2 grams of usable titanium and is mounted on a 2 ¾” OD ConFlat flange. Maximum sublimation is achieved at 300 watts of source power, while the Standby power requirement is 100 watts.
TSP Cryopanel Designed for use with the TSP cartridge source*, this sublimation cryopanel is mounted to an 8” OD ConFlat flange. It can operate with water cooling, liquid nitrogen, or uncooled if used at UHV. This cryopanel can be mounted to doubleended or side-ported ion pumps and can also be used independently in any 8” (NW 150) CFF port with 11 inch depth/clearance.



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