VacIon Plus 800 Pump

The VacIon Plus 800 L/s pump provides exceptional speed for large systems. Used where ultrahigh and extreme high vacuum are crucial, it is the choice for particle accelerators and large interferometers.
This 800 L/s ion pump has StarCell elements, which handle a high amount of noble gases and hydrogen as well as providing the best pumping speed and capacity for methane, argon, and helium. Select from an 8² or 10² CFF flange with additional side ports available.

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  • Available with StarCell elements to provide the best pumping speed for different gases
  • Available with ConFlat 8" or 10" non-rotatable flange, additional ConFlat port, double-ended and side ports available with a choice of feedthroughs (Fischer, King, DESY, Varian, Safeconn) in different orientations
  • No moving parts ensures vibration-free operation for sensitive applications
  • Low leakage current provides stable vacuum pressure reading
  • Low magnetic field minimizes system interference
  • Vacuum processed at >400 °C and pinched off under vacuum to ensure cleanliness and vacuum integrity prior to installation
  • Customizable with different high-voltage feedthroughs, body geometries, additional ports, and pumping cell arrangements and available with optically shielded baffles, external heaters, and magnetic shielding to meet your needs


Element Type
  • StarCell
Feedthrough Style
  • Fischer
Heater Power
  • 800 W
Heater Voltage
  • 100-120/200-240 V
Inlet Flange
  • 8 inch CFF (NW 150)
  • 10 inch CFF (NW 200)
Maximum Baking Temperature
  • 350 °C
Maximum Starting Pressure
  • ≤5 x 10-2 mbar
Operating Life
  • 80,000 hours
Ultimate Pressure
  • < 1 x 10-11 mbar
Weight (pump only)
  • 198 kg
  • 437 lbs



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