Miniature and Small VacIon Pumps (0,4 to 10 L/s for nitrogen)

The Miniature Vaclon pump is a diode configuration and provides approximately 0.4 l/s of nitrogen pumping speed.

The 2 l/s model is a modified diode configuration to enhance starting at low pressure. The 10 l/s pump is a noble gas optimized diode configuration with high efficiency for residual gases such as hydrogen. The pumping speed for noble gases is about 20% of the nominal speed.

Modified versions of standard pumps can be provided when different inlet tube lengths, angles, and diameters are required. These pumps can also be customized with different high voltage feedthroughs, body geometries, and pumping cell arrangements. Special testing procedures can be quoted for customers who have specific requirements.


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Miniature and small VacIon pumps Pumping Speed (L/s) (saturated pump at 1-6 mbar) Nitrogen Element Type Operating life (hours) (at 1-6 mbar) Weight kg(lbs)
Miniature pump 0.2 Diode N/A Net 0.3 (0.66)
Shipping 0.6 (1.33)
2 L/s pump 2 8000 Net 0.3 (0.66)
Shipping 0.6 (1.33)
10 L/s pump 10 40000 Without magnet 4 (9)



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