1260 Infinity II Prime LC System

The 1260 Infinity II Prime LC is a versatile HPLC offering the highest functionality and operational convenience for analytical HPLC and entry-level quaternary UHPLC at pressures up to 800 bar and for flow rates up to 5 mL/min. This versatile HPLC system is a perfect front end for your MS system.

The 1260 Infinity II Prime LC has gradient and mixing performance equivalent to a 1260 binary system, provides quaternary and ternary solvent mixing, and offers functions like intelligent system emulation technology (ISET) for perfect method transfer. BlendAssist enables automatic mobile phase blending by using 1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump technology.

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  • Offers ultimate gradient and mixing performance equivalent to a 1260 binary system and provides quaternary and ternary solvent mixing. Combines the best of the two worlds of 1260 quaternary and 1260 binary systems with good accuracy and precision for flow rates up to 5 mL/min within a pressure range up to 800 bar
  • Seamless transfer of methods between LCs regardless of the brand, facilitated by proprietary Agilent Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) as part of the pump, delivering unchanged retention time and peak resolution
  • Simplify your workflow: The pump driver-based feature BlendAssist delivers accurately buffer/additive blending without manual interaction
  • Reduce the need for manual interaction: With the Multipurpose valve built into the 1260 Infinity II Flexible Pump, you can purge your instrument via software
  • Ultralow carryover: The multiwash capability of the new 800 bar-rated 1260 Infinity II Multisampler cleans all relevant injection parts between runs. This sophisticated, integrated feature flushes the injection needle outside with three solvents, and uses seat backflush procedures to reduce carryover to less than 10 ppm
  • Efficient sample handling and logistics: Using shallow microplate drawers, the 1260 Infinity II Multisampler takes a maximum load of 16 microtiter plates and up to 6,144 samples - the most of any single system
  • Efficient column handling and temperature control: The 1260 Infinity II Multicolumn Thermostat holds up to four columns with direct access to each column through a InfinityLab Quick Change switching valve, eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect columns
  • Improved flexibility: Set up your LC system to suit the way you work, with the InfinityLab Benchtop shelving system
  • Stay at your desk: With the new InfinityLab LC Companion local user interface, you can access and control your instrument comfortably from your office or other locations
  • Perfect front-end for everyday MS analysis: Performing like a high-pressure mixing system and offering convenient features to get to the optimum results faster




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