Tandem µ-Reactor (Rx-3050TR)

A tandem reactor mounted on a GC for rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of catalytic reaction products by GC/MS.

The Tandem μ-Reactor was developed to rapidly screen laboratory-prepared catalysts. The reactor consists of a pyrolysis furnace and a catalytic reactor, and it can be directly connected to a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC/MS) to observe real-time changes of the products formed by the gas-phase catalytic reaction between the sample and the catalyst.
In addition, it has a rapid heating and cooling function, and the catalyst reaction tube packed with the catalyst can be replaced within a few minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of catalyst screening. A flow controller is provided standard, allowing you to easily switch among three different reaction gases. Further, in combination with Selective Sampler and MicroJet Cryo-Trap options, automated analysis of products formed in up to eight temperature zones can be performed.

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Đặc tính nổi bật

1. Catalysts screening with all sample forms Catalyst reaction products can be monitored through online-MS analysis mode. Also, GC/MS analysis can be performed at desired reactor temperatures. 2. Micro-Reactors capable of rapid heating/cooling The micro-Reactors feature with multi-linear temp. programs and multi-stepwise temp. programs (up to 8 steps). The ramp rate can be set from 1 ºC to maximum 200 ºC/min, while the temperature can be controlled from 40 ºC to 700 ºC. 3. Rapid switching of catalyst reaction tubes Switching catalysts can be accomplished in a few minutes using the proprietary quartz reaction tube (i.d. 3 mm, o.d. 4 mm, length 78 mm). 4. In the Tandem µ-Reactor, two reactors (1st and 2nd), are individually temperature-controlled The 1st Reactor (upper reactor) is used to preheat a gas, vaporize a liquid, or thermally decompose organic solids (biomass analysis) to generate gases. The catalyst reaction tube is packed with a catalyst and placed in the 2nd Reactor (lower reactor). 5. Two flow control options available 【Examples of Technical Note Pyrolysis of CFRP and reforming of gases by zeolite catalysts in CFRP recycling : Searching for optimal catalytic reaction conditions (RXA-008E

Thông số kỹ thuật

1. Pyrolysis furnace (1st Reactor)
Reactor: Temperature control range:

-40 to 700 ºC (1 ºC step, stainless steel pyrolysis tube), 40 to 900 ºC (1 ºC step, quartz pyrolysis tube)
Temperature control modes:

Isothermal, linear, and stepwise temperature rise
Interface temperature control range:

-40 ~ 400 ºC (1 ºC step)

2. Catalytic reactor (2nd Reactor)
Reactor: Temperature control range

-40 ~ 700 ºC (1 ºC step)
Temperature control mode

Isothermal, linear, and stepwise temperature rise
Interface temperature control range:

-40 ~ 400 ºC (1 ºC step)

3. Catalysis reaction tube


i.d. 3 mm, o.d. 4 mm, Length 78 mm

4. Other specifications
Required power:

100 – 120 VAC or 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Max 800 W

(Pyrolysis furnace, 1st Reactor): 76 (W) x 143 (D) x 195 (H) mm / 1.8 kg
(Catalytic reactor, 2nd Reactor): 76 (W) x 143(D) x 155 (H) mm / 1.0 kg
(Temperature control unit): 120 (W) x 310 (D) x 310 (H) mm / 5.9 kg(100V), 7.2 kg(200V)
(Reactive gas control unit): 160 (W) x 280 (D) x 150 (H) mm / 3.3 kg

1. GC/MS with Split/Splitless injector
2. Furnace cooling gas: nitrogen or air
3. PC:

PC that currently controls GC can be used (OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Japanese or English version, one USB port)



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