Single μ-Reactor (Rx-3050SR)

A Single µ-Reactor mounted on a GC for rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of catalytic reaction products by GC/MS.

A Single µ-Reactor is the catalytic reactor only. As in the Tandem µ-Reactor, the catalyst reaction tube can easily be replaced.
Just like the Tandem µ-Reactor, temperature settings and accessory device control settings are made through PC software, and the reaction gas control method is identical.

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Đặc tính nổi bật

1. Easy replacement of catalyst reaction tubes. 2. Three types of temperature control: isothermal, linear, and stepwise temperature rise. 3. The same flow control options as for the Tandem µ-Reactor are available. 【Examples of Technical Note】 ・ Fischer-Tropsch reaction using Rapid catalyst screening reactor (RXA-004E) ・ Rapid screening for optimum reaction temperature in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (RXA-005E

Thông số kỹ thuật

1. Catalytic reactor
Temperature control range

-40 ~ 700 ºC (1 ºC step)
Temperature control mode

isothermal, linear, and stepwise temperature rise
Interface temperature control range

-40 ~ 400 ºC (1 ºC step)

2.Catalyst reaction tube

Quartz, size:

i.d. 3 mm, o.d. 4 mm, Length 78 mm

3. Other specifications
Required power:

100 – 120 VAC or 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (max 400 W)

(catalytic reactor): 76 (W) x 143 (D) x 155 (H) mm / 1.6 kg
(Temperature control unit): 120 (W) x 310 (D) x 310 (H) mm / 5.5 kg(100V), 6.9 kg(200V)
(Reactive gas control unit): 160 (W) x 280 (D) x 150 (H) mm / 3.3 kg

1. GC/MS with Split/Splitless injector
2. Compressed gas for cooling (air or nitrogen)
3. PC:

PC that currently controls GC can be used (OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Japanese or English version, one USB port)



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