Cables for Ion Pumps and Controllers

Agilent high voltage ion pump cables connect ion pumps from 0.4 L/s to 2,500 L/s in size to the current Agilent IPCMini and 4 UHV ion pump controllers. TSP controller to cartridge cables are also available, in various lengths.

The variety of connectors available allows use with legacy ion pumps and ion pump controllers such as MidiVac, MiniVac, and DUAL ion pump controllers. Cables are also compatible with Varian and Gamma products.

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  • Standard cables have Fischer connectors with integrated safety interlocks, rendering HV outputs safe upon cable disconnection
  • Cables are sold in standard lengths of 4 m (13 ft), 7 m (23 ft), 10 m (33 ft), and 20 m (66 ft), and are available in custom lengths up to 1 km
  • Standard cables are bakeable and radiation resistant, and are also available with an insulating outer cover
  • In addition to the standard Fischer connectors, we also offer other industry standards such as American, Amphenol, Kings, Miniature, Safeconn, SHV, Varian StarCell, and Varian Diode
  • All the above can be combined into customized cables, including customer-specific connectors and pin outs




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