490 – Mobile Micro GC System

The 490-Mobile Micro GC is a portable GC system with wireless connection to a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, which eliminates the need to carry cables and a laptop.

Analysis results can be viewed in full or reported in “true/false.” Optional alarms further improve follow-up actions by the operator.


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  • All features of the base instrument, plus:
  • An intuitive browser-based user interface, compatible with any mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) and offering basic GC control functionality that includes: choose method, start/stop run, single point calculation, choose and start a sequence
  • Wifi connection reduces installation time and eliminates need for cables, making it easier and safer to enter remote and difficult to reach locations
  • Optional software packages include energy metering for natural gas
  • Available accessories include a self-containing field case providing carrier gas and power
  • A new web browser based user interface perfectly suited for your mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop)
  • Basic GC control functionality includes: start/stop run, choose method, do a single point calibration, choose and start sequence
  • No need for a laptop nor cables
  • carry-on luggage is reduced significantly making it easier to enter remote and difficult to reach locations.
  • Immediate wireless connection ensures a quick setup.
  • As the instrument is fast up-and-running, results are available more quickly and your time is used more efficiently.
  • Having a wireless connection to the Micro GC there is no need to stand and wait directly next to the instrument. You can stay in your car or take shelter




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