1260 Infinity II Manual Preparative LC System

The 1260 Infinity II Manual Preparative LC System is an easy-to-use, entry-level solution for LC purification with upgrade possibilities to do routine purification of milligram up to gram scale quanities of materials. This binary gradient system delivers dynamic flow rates up to 50 mL/min at 420 bar, equipped with a manual injection valve. The system achieves outstanding performance and reliability day-in and day-out, and is the most cost-effective way to do routine purification.


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  • Single-stack preparative LC system offers purification with the smallest footprint to reduce bench space
  • Highly reliable and robust LC system improve your ability to manage ever-increasing workload demand
  • Dynamic flow range up to 50 mL/min at maximum 420 bar allows versatile application within a wide range of semipreparative workflows
  • Flexible, compact design of the column organizer allows application of a manual injector (supporting up to 20 mL injections) and columns from 4.6 to 50 mm inner diameter for support of any purification workflow
  • Lowest delay volume to minimize peak dispersion and carry over for the highest sample recovery and purity
  • Fully upgradable to enhance the system’s capabilities and functionality based on your demand
  • Clean software infrastructure through Agilent OpenLab CDS ChemStation for familiar and reliable operation
  • Integrated leak sensor in each module shuts down the whole system, providing additional safety when detecting a leak


Biocompatible No
Bioinert No
Column Capacity 4
Column ID Reader Option No
Depth 462 mm
Flow Range 4-50 mL/min
Injection Range 1–20000 µL
Intelligent System Emulation Technology No
Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Maximum Number of Fractions 215
Maximum Number of Solvents 2
Pump Type Binary
Special Features Delay Sensor Automated Delay Volume Calibration
System Pressure Operating Range 20-420 bar
Width 581mm



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