NanoDis System

The Agilent NanoDis System provides formulation scientists with accurate release profiles of APIs using conventional dissolution test apparatus in an automated, compliant manner. This functionality enables dissolution analysts to uncover the best nanoparticle formulation faster, and achieve accurate and reliable results in any dissolution tests for tablets or liposome drug products.

Looking for dissolution test apparatus that can get your products to market faster? Easily transition from R&D to QC environments and achieve consistent, reliable results for nanoparticle dissolution testing in an automated process while ensuring cGMP compliance.

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  • Reliable API filtration: Individual samples flow through commercially available hollow-fiber membranes to either the 850-DS for collection (filtered) or back to the dissolution vessel (unfiltered).
  • Regulatory compliant hardware: The NanoDis System incorporates standard dissolution instrumentation (708-DS and 850-DS).
  • Sample flow dynamics: Exclusive dual-pumping sample flow sequence in the closed-loop system maintains surface-area exposure of nanoparticles for consistent dissolution release-rate profiling.
  • Software control: Optimize method parameters and regulate system access using Agilent Dissolution Workstation Software—a proven platform in cGMP-compliant environments.




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