BIO-DIS Reciprocating Cylinder Apparatus

The Agilent BIO-DIS reciprocating cylinder apparatus (Apparatus 3) is designed to meet current USP Apparatus 3 and EP Reciprocating Cylinder specifications. It is typically used for testing dosage forms in an environment where the the pH/gastrointestinal changes that occur in the body are simulated.

The BIO-DIS is suited for extended and sustained release dosage forms. Capable of running unattended for up to six days, the BIO-DIS can store up to 15 programs and provide direct control over timepoints, agitation rate, sampling time points, movement between vessel rows, hold dip time, and drain time.

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  • Biorelevant—simulate gastrointestinal conditions with simple programming that allows in vitro dissolution pH profiling with biorelevant agitation rates and retention times.
  • Flexible—useful for release-rate testing of floating dosage forms, beads and chewables. Use one instrument to test and transport a variety of samples, saving valuable bench space. Samples are automatically transported from one medium to the next without operator intervention.
  • Compliant—be confident knowing the BIO-DIS is compliant with the reciprocating cylinder apparatus, USP Apparatus 3, and EP harmonized specifications.
  • Easily configured—select a standard volumetric reciprocating cylinder option or small and large volume configuration to meet testing needs for low dose or poorly soluble formulations. Other options include a double row instrument for increased testing throughput (the number of media changes is reduced in half with this option).
  • Automated sampling—easily perform automated sampling by integrating the Agilent 850-DS dissolution sampling station.
  • Reporting—the built-in report center printer provides hard-copy documentation of testing progress and conditions. A four-line digital display provides updated operation information as the test progresses.
  • Software control—available through the 21 CFR compliant dissolution workstation software, which allows direct programming of the BIO-DIS and 850-DS dissolution sampling station along with various pumps and filter changer.
  • Temperature control—maintain temperature with the standard heater/circulator. All parameters are controlled by the BIO-DIS and entered from the front panel keypad.




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