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aPHD-4 Sniffer

The PHD-4 sniffer leak detector is able to detect very small leaks in objects that have a slight helium/air pressure inside. The lightweight and rugged sniffer is sensitive to helium concentrations as small as 2 ppm- equivalent to a leak rate of 5x 10-6 atm-cc/sec, far superior to the performance by other means of detecting leaks, such as bubble-testing. The PHD-4 sensitivity relies on Agilent’s proprietary and patented SIPD (Selective Ion Pump Detection) technology. Since it is controlled by a microprocessor, the PHD-4 is easy to use with no training required. All tuning and zeroing are handled automatically. The display can be set to use any of four languages (English, French, German, and Italian).


    • The PHD-4 weighs only 2,6 Kg (5.7 lbs) including the battery
    • Wide range of uses: replaces or can be used with existing methods such as bubble test or pressure decay
    • State-of-the-art microprocessor control allows great simplicity of operation
    • Fully automatic start-up
    • Ready for test in less than 3 minutes
    • Excellent selectivity for helium allows you to read helium leaks and ignore all other gases
    • Helium sensitivity can be adjusted as required to minimize test costs and helium consumption
    • Can operate either on battery power or connected to an outlet

How It Works



Lowest detectable helium concentration 2 parts per million
Smallest detectable leak 5 × 10-6 atm-cc/sec
5 × 10-6 mbar-l/sec
5 × 10-7 Pa-m3/sec
Response time <2 seconds
Recovery time (from 50 to 0 ppm) <10 seconds
Start-up time, including self-check 3 minutes (approximate)
Power requirements 12 VDC from battery pack, car battery, or transformer
Transformer power supply 110-240V 50-60 Hz
Sealed, detachable battery pack 4 hours of operation with full charge
Ambient storage temperature -20 to +60 °C (4 to 140 °F)
Ambient operating temperature -5 to +35 °C (20 to 95 °F)
Maximum relative humidity 90%
Weight, basic module with battery 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg)
Background suppression (zeroing) Automatic
Tuning Automatic