280-DS Mechanical Qualification System

The Agilent 280-DS mechanical qualification system (MQS) enables the physical qualification of any dissolution apparatus per enhanced Mechanical Qualification (eMQ) guidelines. Once positioned, the innovative sensing technology allows hands-free measurements to be performed in seconds while measuring and recording critical physical parameters.

Using instrument and vessel modules and powered by the intuitive Agilent dissolution workstation software, the 280-DS provides accurate, qualitative measurements by eliminating the guesswork of interpreting values obtained with individual manual gauges.

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  • Perform the qualification that meets your laboratory needs: the 280-DS supports enhanced Mechanical Qualification (MQ), as well as the Performance Verification Test (PVT)
  • Qualify any dissolution apparatus with an open-head design, including the Agilent 708-DS
  • Obtain accurate and repeatable measurements with limited hands-on interaction using optical sensors and the 280-DS Dissolution Workstation Software
  • Instrument Module measures level (X- and Y-axis) and vibration (X-, Y-, and Z-axis)
  • Vessel Module measure spindle speed, shaft wobble, basket wobble, shaft verticality, vessel verticality, vessel centering, basket/paddle height
  • 280-DS software is designed to be used in a regulated environment where the intuitive user interface prompts users through the test, ensuring each step is recorded




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