Acquisition for LC/MS

MassHunter acquisition software for LC/MS systems provides powerful instrument control and data acquisition. Instrument and method setup are easy and fast, with automated tuning for straightforward and reliable operation. MassHunter Acquisition Software unleashes the power of your Agilent triple quadrupole, time-of-flight (TOF), and quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) LC/MS systems. With its intuitive design and easy to access instrument specific features, it enables you to focus on sample analysis, not instrument setup.

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  • MassHunter acquisition software is used across all Agilent 6200 Series LC/TOF, Ultivo, 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole and 6500 Series Q-TOF LC/MS systems, reducing the need for training
  • Full control of LC detectors
  • Importing worklists from spreadsheets saves time in method development and high throughput screening
  • Optimizer software for Ultivo and 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS systems seamlessly optimizes ion source parameters and MRM transitions of compounds by infusion, flow injection, or chromatographic separation
  • Study Manager for Ultivo and 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system enables queue management of worklists submitted to the instrument.
  • Optional acquisition add-on software packages such as RapidFire and StreamSelect are supported
  • Agilent’s proprietary SWARM autotune quickly and easily tunes the instrument to its peak performance
  • All Ions MS/MS Technique for Targeted and Untargeted Screening on TOF and Q-TOF LC/MS
  • Interactive MS/MS increases data quality of Q-TOF LC/MS by focusing on what matters
  • Supports optional MassHunter WalkUp software for TOF and QTOF LC/MS systems which enables anyone to submit a sample to a HRAM instrument
  • Safe and Secure Data Management with OpenLab ECM prevents overwriting or deletion of raw datafiles




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