Acquisition for GC/MS

MassHunter Acquisition Software for GC/MS Systems allows straightforward control of your Agilent mass selective detector (MSD), triple quadrupole (TQ), and quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) GC/MS systems. It also controls the latest Gas Chromatography technologies including innovative sampling techniques and dedicated GC detectors.
This data acquisition software for GC/MS unlocks the full potential of Agilent’s GC/MS systems in your lab by providing intuitive access to mass spectrometry. Capabilities like automated tuning and optimization allow easy instrument and method setup. Curated application focused libraries allow to automatically identify targeted and untargeted analytes.

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  • MassHunter GC/MS Acquisition software is used across all Agilent 5977 Series GC/MSD, 7000 Series GC/TQ systems, and 7200 Series GC/QTOF systems reducing the need for retraining
  • Complete control from tuning to report generation while streamlining your workflows
  • Software control of the High Energy Source, Low Energy Electron Impact, and Chemical Ionization source types
  • Scheduling of innovative ion source features such as JetClean which can reduce cleaning cycles using while samples are being acquired or in offline cleaning cycles
  • Sample introduction via Agilent’s extensive sampler technologies including Headspace, Purge & Trap, and QuickProbe
  • Optimizer software for 7000 Series GC/TQ systems seamlessly optimizes collision energies and MRM transitions of compounds using existing GC methods
  • Importing worklists from spreadsheets saves time in method development and high throughput screening
  • Maximized uptime and planned maintenance with Early Maintenance Feedback (EMF) that aligns and monitors GC/MS operations.
  • Flow and thermally modulated comprehensive GCxGC enablement for flexibility in enhanced chromatographic resolution for selective compound detection
  • Safe and Secure Data Management with OpenLab ECM prevents overwriting or deletion of raw datafiles




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