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GPC/SEC Software

Agilent offers the most comprehensive portfolio of high quality solutions for gel permeation and size exclusion chromatography. Agilent GPC/SEC software provides all of the functionality required for conventional and advanced analysis within one simple yet powerful package.


    • Ease of use – designed with user-friendliness of the utmost importance
    • Simplified workflow – the fastest, easiest way to characterize even the most complex polymers with everything required for GPC/SEC analyses in a single package
    • Highly customizable user interface – define the look and feel of the software according to your requirements
    • Single solution – control the system, collect the data, calculate the results, and comprehensively report the data
    • Instrument control – incorporating a common platform for a wide variety of instrumentation
    • DIN standard methodology – confidence in quality of data
    • Upgrade and evolve – perform advanced calculations without altering the user-interaction
    • Comprehensive data reviewer – quick and easy visual comparison of multiple sample data
    • GPC/SEC software  – controls the 1260 Infinity II GPC/SEC System , the 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector GPC/SEC System , the 1260 Infinity II High Temperature GPC/SEC System and the PL-GPC 50 Integrated GPC/SEC System
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Analysis of Polymers by GPC/SEC – Pharmaceutical Applications

Application compendia on the analysis of polymers by GPC/SEC, for pharmaceutical applications.

Analysis of Polymers by GPC/SEC – Energy & Chemicals Applications

Analysis of polymers by GPC for the energy and chemicals industry. Covers polyolefins, guar gums, engineering polymers, elastomers, and low molecular weight resins.


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