GPC/SEC Software for OpenLAB CDS

This software is an easy-to-install add-on for OpenLAB CDS, allowing you to perform application-specific calibrations and calculations on data acquired with OpenLAB CDS, and create custom reports. GPC/SEC software for OpenLAB CDS is compatible with both workstations and network-based solutions. Fully integrated into the OpenLAB CDS platform, HPLC and GPC calculations can be performed on the same data files. The software supports narrow standard, broad standard, and universal calibrations.

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  • Adds GPC/SEC calculations to OpenLAB CDS Data Analysis
  • Processes any concentration detector signal collected or imported into OpenLAB CDS
  • Features common workflows, processing options, data storage, reporting, compliance, and scalability
  • Supports all three standard configurations: standalone workstation, workstation with content management, or client-server solution
  • Offers narrow standard, broad standard, and universal calibration options
  • Performs both HPLC and GPC calculations on the same data file
  • Supports any number of GPC systems within a client-server solution
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