Cirrus GPC Software

GPC/SEC calculations for OpenLAB CDS ChemStation
Cirrus GPC software is an easy-to-install add-on for OpenLAB CDS ChemStation, allowing you to perform GPC/SEC calculations on data acquired with ChemStation. It can be used to process data from a single-channel concentration detector such as a refractive index detector that is typical for polymer analysis. Data from a UV detector can be used but not from a diode array detector. Cirrus GPC software supports conventional GPC and requires a calibration curve to be generated using narrow distribution polymer standards (polystyrene is typical). The software does not support light scattering and or viscometry calculations.

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  • Get up to speed fast. Cirrus GPC software is intuitive and easy to learn and use.
  • Collect data from a range of detectors. Capture, analyze, and process data from molecular-weight sensitive detectors, concentration detector combinations, and independent GPC systems.
  • Integrate with other LC software. Cirrus can process data collected from most modern LC chromatography data systems.
  • Collect and analyze data at the same time. Assign specific PCs for data collection while using offline Workstations to access and process data remotely.
  • Consolidate processing methods. Locate all processing methods, calibrations, chromatogram data, and results in one folder for convenient storage and retrieval.
  • Reduce time and potential errors. Cirrus workbook templates allow you to pre-define all essential parameters.
  • Report results in the style you require. Define the content, layout and format of the items in a report template, and select lists to ensure only the relevant parameters are available to you.
  • Adapt to your lab environment. Configure Cirrus to address the requirements of both routine QC and R&D applications.
  • Scale up and expand. Cirrus can run on a single, standalone PC or as part of a larger client-server chromatography solution.
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