OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition (2)
OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition (1)

OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition

Offers the most complete instrument control of Agilent LC, GC, CE, CE/MS, and LC/MS instruments systems you have now, with limited instrument control of other vendors’ systems. Plus, take full advantage of the advanced features of the Agilent GC and LC instruments you have now and new instruments, when released.


    • Full instrument control of Agilent LC, GC, CE, CE/MS, and LC/MS systems – So you can get the most out of your Agilent instruments.
    • Limited instrument control of other vendors’ systems – Provides same user experience.
    • Accelerate data processing and review – Eliminate manual steps, process and view large data sets significantly faster.
    • Advanced reporting capabilities – Build more meaningful reports using powerful and intuitive “drag-and-drop” capabilities.
    • View your entire lab at a glance – View the status of all your instruments in the CDS network from a single user interface.
    • A scalable architecture that allows the system grow with your lab.
    • On-demand learning tools –  Get staff up to speed quickly.
    • Agilent original bundle PCs – One-stop solution for fast and seamless setup of analytical equipment in your laboratory.


Software Technique Key Benefits
OpenLab CDS MatchCompare GC, LC Provides quick, rigorous comparisons between standard and reference chromatograms.
Method Scouting Wizard LC Method Scouting Wizard creates a sample sequence containing all possible combinations of available columns, solvents, a set of predefined gradients and a set of predefined temperatures
Buffer Advisor Software LC CDS-independent calculator software significantly increases productivity and precision in ion-exchange chromatography. Simplifies pH scouting dramatically by automating the preparation of buffers for IEX from stock solutions.
2D Data Analysis Software LC A multi-featured package for visualizing, analyzing, and processing data produced by comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography
Automated Purification Software LC Algorithms calculate focused gradients on-the-fly for each target compound, ensuring highest purity of fractions collected
Bio-SEC Software SEC Easy to use software simplifies workflow with routine and expert mode. Excellent repeatability and transferability minimizes effort on data review and potential rework
GPC/SEC Software GPC The fastest, easiest way to characterize even the most complex polymers with everything required for GPC/SEC analyses in a single package
Lab Advisor Diagnostics Diagnostics A maintenance, diagnostics and calibration software toolset for Agilent (U)HPLC and CE instruments
Non-Agilent Instrument Support for OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition Software
Vendor Technique Instrument Name OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition Supported Version
Waters LC
  • Acquity
  • Acquity H-Class
  • C.01.04 HF2
  • C.01.05
  • C.01.06
  • C.01.07
  • Waters Alliance 2690
  • Waters Alliance 2695
  • e-Alliance e2695
  • Waters 996 PDA
  • Waters 2996 PDA
  • Waters 2487 UV
  • Alliance 2489 DWD
  • Alliance 2998 PDA
  • C.01.05
  • C.01.06
  • C.01.07


Benefits of 2D-LC/MS/MS in pharmaceutical bioanalytics

2D-LC/MS/MS analysis of drugs and their metabolites in a pharmacokinetic study, eliminating coelution and the risk of cross-talk for for a complex sample

Analysis of Water Soluble Vitamins on an Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC-OH5 Column

Baisline sepatation of eight water-soluble vitamins in four minutes on an Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC-OH5, 2.7 µm, 2.1 × 100 mm column

Development of a method for the chiral separation of D/L-Amphetamine

Method development for the separation and quantitation of D-, and L-Amphetamine enantiomers

Separation of enantiomers of amphetamine-related drugs and their structural isomers

Use of the Agilent 1260 Infinity II SFC for the separation of either all six possible isomers of 4-, 5-, and 6-EAPB or the three respective position isomers only.

Windows 7 End of Support, Part 3 – How do I Successfully Move to the New Supported Version of Agilent CDS?

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Addressing the Paradigm Shift in Regulatory Inspections

This executive summary explores what the paradigm shift in regulatory audits means for analytical laboratories, the FDA’s goals during an inspection, systems that could be subject to inspection, mechanisms to ensure data integrity in analytical laboratories, and the type of documented evidence required to prove that software application systems have been validated.

The Chemours Company: Ensuring Quality Laboratory Results in the Face of an Evolving Workforce

Find out how the quality control laboratory at The Chemours Company found a way to incorporate new technicians seamlessly into its analytical quality processes, fill the knowledge gap, and support less-experienced technicians all while continuing to deliver consistent, high-quality results by migrating to the Agilent OpenLab CDS with advanced reporting.

Siegwerk achieves productivity and cost benefits with modernized chromatography data system

Siegwerk chooses a networked OpenLab chromatography data system to monitor and control all analytical instruments in the lab. The networked CDS allowed Siegwerk to centrally store, process, and access data generated—using only one software interface and fewer PCs.

Chemical Manufacturer Moves Lab into the Future with OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition

Learn how DuPont Lousville Works, a large chemical company, successfully transitioned from their current ChemStation systems to OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition.

Workstation Migration for OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition to OpenLab CDS

This 4-page data sheet provides an overview of the migration tool for OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition along with the basic steps for migrating data from ChemStation Edition workstation to OpenLab CDS. Includes compatibility information.

OpenLAB CDS Match Compare for Chromatographic Peak Matching and Comparison

OpenLAB CDS MatchCompare, ideal for Flavors/Fragrance, is an add-on software tool that provides the ability to objectively compare unknown samples to a known standard.

Expand your storage possibilities: Upgrade to OpenLab ECM XT

Secure data from both Agilent and non-Agilent data systems while preparing for future regulatory requirements with a simple to implement data management system.

Keep your lab up to speed and up to date: Advantages of Software Maintenance Agreements

2 page flyer summarizing the benefits of an Agilent OpenLab Client Server Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and highlighting the features of the latest OpenLab Software releases.

Reporting Templates: When Time, Resources, and Results Matter

OpenLab CDS has all the reporting features common to spreadsheets, including the ability to lock items from modification to protect calculations, apply business logic for pass/fail decision making, and add statistical calculations. Need a boost to get up to speed on reporting? Agilent offers a variety of packaged templates, template-creation services, and training offerings to meet your unique business needs.

Easily bring your data with you when upgrading to OpenLab CDS

Upgrade to OpenLab CDS and automate the migration of result sets, methods, user and instrument information to your new data system.

Reduce Your Purification Footprint: Scouting, Collection, and Reanalysis in Well Plates on a Single System

This technical overview describes how analytical and preparative hardware can be combined and smartly operated by a single software package using Agilent InfinityLab LC Purification Solutions, reducing bench space, error sources, and the time needed for manually handling samples and fractions.

Creating an Allotrope file format: ADFExport for OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition

ADFExport for OpenLab CDS ChemStation revision 1.0 enables export of ChemStation data to Allotrope Data Format (ADF).

The Agilent InfinityLab 2D-LC Solution with Active Solvent Modulation

Active solvent modulation provides a valve-based approach to address incompatibilities between the first and second dimension solvent systems in 2D-LC.

Rapid Development and Validation of HPLC Methods Using QbD Software

Lisa Patterson, George Cooney, and Michael Watling

Cloud Adoption for Lab Informatics: Trends, Opportunities, Considerations, Next Steps

The cloud has become a viable option for virtually every computing workload in the laboratory, from sample management to complex analytics to secure data storage. This white paper gives lab managers fresh insights into multiple aspects of cloud adoption.

Demystifying Software Validation White Paper

The article provides a foundation for thinking about software validation based on expert articles and US FDA resources and consultants.

Data Integrity in Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories Whitepaper

This whitepaper will dispel common myths related to data integrity in Pharma QC labs by looking at facts, based on a study of available resources and direct interactions with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) staff and their consultants.