Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D)

High-end model of the “Multi-functional Pyrolyzer” series with high performance and ease of use

Multi-Shot pyrolyzer (EGA / PY-3030D) is the most capable model in the Multi-functional Pyrolyzer series. This product features high performance and ease of use, from the basic performance of the heating furnace to the details of the control software.
By combining with optional accessory devices such as automatic analyzer (Auto-Shot Sampler), MicroJet Cryo-trap, Selective Sampler, Carrier Gas Selector, so on, the product supports a wide variety of applications. In addition, these operations can be automated, greatly enhancing productivity.

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1. Significant improvement in furnace performance (rapid heating/rapid cooling): Rapid heating and cooling is achieved by employing a ceramic heater with low thermal mass. This excellent heater features a wide temperature range: from ambient to 1050 ºC. 2. High performance and high reliability (pyrogram, inertness, analysis of high boiling point compounds): The performance is guaranteed to meet the stated specifications such as the thermogram of evolved gas analysis and the pyrogram of instantaneous pyrolysis analysis. 3. Any sample form for analysis: The evolved gas analysis, thermal desorption, flash pyrolysis, double-shot, and heart-cut EGA-GC/MS methods can be used to characterize polymer samples from multiple viewpoints. 【Mechanism】 * Move to Vimeo site by clicking the following link. ・ Operating mechanism of EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis) (Video) ・ Operating mechanism of Single-Shot Analysis (Video) ・ Operating mechanism of Double-Shot Analysis (Video


Furnace temperature control range/temperature stability:
room temperature +10 to 1050 ºC (1 ºC increment) / within ± 0.1 ºC

Heating furnace heating rate:

Max. 600 ºC / min (every 1 ºC / min)

Interface temperature control range/temperature stability:

40 to 450 ºC (1 ºC increment) / within ±0.1 ºC

Performance guarantee (polystyrene pyrogram with MS detector):
Reproducibility of the trimer and internal standard ratio is 2 % or less (RSD)

Performance guarantee (polystyrene thermogram with MS detector):

Peak top temperature reproducibility is 0.3 % or less (RSD)

gas chromatograph (with split/splitless inlet), etc.

Size (heating furnace):

76 (W) x 143 (D) x 215 (H) mm, 1.6 kg

Required power:
100-115 VAC (400 W max)



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