Cryogenic Mill (IQ MILL-2070)

A compact benchtop grinding mill with powerful and shear crushing capabilities

IQ MILL-2070 makes the sample grinding process into a simple pre-treatment operation. By using a special high elastic belt with excellent durability, efficient crushing is achieved in a short time by high-speed three-dimensional figure-8 motion. This is the ideal sample treatment device for instrumental analysis, especially in crushing, stirring, and dispersing polymer materials (patented in Japan).

*Examples of grinding applications using IQ MILL-2070 can be viewed. Please click on “Griding applications” at the bottom of this page.

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1. Easy to use and simple to operate Grinding samples by simple operation 2. Fast and efficient grinding Milling up to three samples at a time in the same program Powerful impact and shear crushing capabilities bring significant reduction in grinding time 3. Liquid nitrogen cooling kit for cryo-milling A compact design in which only the sample container can be precooled with liquid nitrogen before grinding. Grinding at room temperature for most of materials.

Fig1. Grinding area
Fig2. Ground particles of typical polymers
Typical grinding conditions: Pre-cooling with liquid nitrogen, Rotation speed: 3,000 rpm, Rotation time: 20 sec (1 cycle), Grinding ball: tungsten carbide (12 mm)


Operating temperatures
Room temperature or below using a refrigerant (liquid nitrogen, etc.)

Setting parameters
Rotation speed (rpm) : 50 up to 3000 (stepless)
Rotation time (sec) : 1 up to 60 (10 second step)
Pause time between cycles (sec) : 10 up to 600 (10 second step)
Rotation cycle : 1 up to 10 (1 cycle step)

Safety function
Combination of double micro switch and manual lock

Main unit dimensions and weight
270(W)x340(D)x300(H) mm, Approx. 12kg

Power (50/60 Hz)
100/120 VAC or 200/240 VAC (450 VA)



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